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Root Car Insurace

Are you a Root customer or have you done a test drive to get a quote? If so, you may be eligible for their Christmas incentive! For every friend you refer who signs up, completes a test drive and receives a quote, Root will pay you $50.

Root is a unique insurance company that bases your premium not only on traditional metrics (driving history, type of car, etc.) but the way you drive. Test drives require prospective customers to download their app and drive as usual. After a certain amount of data is recorded – the average driver takes about 3 weeks to complete the test drive – Root uses the metrics to provide a customized insurance quote.

If you’ve completed a drive in the past, Root may have sent you an incentive e-mail. Search your inbox for it and refer friends for a $50 incentive. If you haven’t, and would like to, feel free to use my link.

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