Keyboard Wiz

Keyboard Wiz

Keyboard Wiz™ 

Stress and fatigue are inhibitors to productivity. Yet, stress can be relieved and fatigue managed. Place this Keyboard Wiz above the top row of the keyboard as a reminder of healthy ways to prevent common desk-based injuries. 

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Keyboard Wiz - Hand and Wrist Exercises

Hand and wrist pain are common side-effects of regular typing and using a computer mouse. These hand..

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Keyboard Wiz - Simple Stress Relief, Exercises, and Tips

As your work day wears on, tension and stress build...this Keyboard Wiz will illustrate exercises to..

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Keyboard Wiz - Stretching for Your Health

Learn what you can do to relieve stress and anxiety while never having to leave your work desk. This..

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Keyboard Wiz - Vision and Eye Exercises

Working on your computer throughout the day can causes strain on your eyes. Our Keyboard Wiz will gu..

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